Augmented Reality Series (5 In 1)

Augmented Reality Series (5 In 1)
★★★★ | OB0001
Redemption Point : 228

The Augmented Reality (AR) series is a compilation of titles that bring pages to life. The books are published with beautiful illustrations and informative readings about science and nature, but with an extraordinary twist – it generates life-like 3D animations from mobile devices.

The AR series uses a technology that mixes the real and virtual worlds together so that the readers are able to see, hear and interact with realistic 3D animations that “pop out” of the books into the real environment. Readers enjoy reading at a whole new level with heightened engagement and understanding.

Even better, the camera feature allows readers to snap a photo with these life-like images. There are 5 titles in this AR series set: Jurassic World, iRobot, iScience, iStorm, iSolar and iDinosaur.

Jurassic World: Where Dinosaurs Come To Life

iScience: Explore The Wonders Of Science

iStorm: Unleash A World Of Wild Weather

iSolar: A Journey From The Moon, To Mars, To The Outer Planets

iRobot: Bring Robots To Life