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i-LEARN Ace is a fully integrated digital learning platform consisting content based on the Malaysian National School Curriculum. This multi-featured platform is created to provide a learning experience that is customizable, interactive, engaging and mobile for students, teachers and parents alike.

The platform seamlessly combines all the important aspects of a student’ revision process, enabling students to read up on topics, do practices, create notes and mindmaps, interact with peers and teachers, and so much more; all in one place.

i-LEARN Ace also comes with a free mobile app which allows users to access its features on-the-go even when offline – truly making it a Mobile (M)-Learning platform.


i-LEARN Ace Junior is a learning engagement platform designed to nurture the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development of learners from Years 1 to 3. It is also built to integrate parents/guardians into the learning ecosystem of pupils at this crucial development stage.

Lego Education Simple Machine Set

Machines affect our lives every day, and when students understand how they are built, they can apply that knowledge to improve or even create new machines.

Simple Machines from LEGO Education includes bricks and elements that can be used to teach elementary students how the world works using simple machines. This engaging hands-on tool introduces children to the basic principles behind gears, wheels, axels, levers and pulleys, while laying the groundwork for further learning about science and engineering.

The LEGO Simple Machines Set features 16 principle models, four main models and four problem-solving models that enable students to investigate and understand the operation of simple and compound machines found in everyday life.

Bright Start English Starter

The Bright Start Starter Package aims to give pupils a solid start in learning English. It is designed to allow pupils to learn, develop and consolidate their language skills. These books are bursting with bright ideas to inspire pupils to think creatively and critically.

My Fashion World i-Design Pro

From the creators of My Fashion World – 3D colouring books, Sasbadi Online brings you a first-of-its-kind character customisation colouring game, the My Fashion World i-DESIGN Pro!

These interactive colouring sheets bring your artwork and role-play gaming to a whole new level of 3D magnificence.

First, get your very own i-DESIGN Pro which comes in a premium portfolio box consisting more than 60 sheets of outfits. They range from pre-patterned designs to help kick-start your creative juices, to simple flat outlines for you to create your own unique style. Play around with vivid colours, illustrated textures, creative lines and patterns; express yourself and let your unique style shine.