i-LEARN Ace Junior

i-LEARN Ace Junior is a learning engagement platform designed to nurture the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development of learners from Years 1 to 3. It is also built to integrate parents/guardians into the learning ecosystem of pupils at this crucial development stage.


  • Enhance 21 Century Learning
    A dynamic platform that enhances 21 century learning and 21 century skills. It also nurtures individuals to be intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally balanced and harmonious.
  • Encourage Engagement
    A fascinating platform that engages children and encourages parental involvement in children’s learning process.
  • Celebrate Achievements
    A sophisticated program that provides exciting rewards to motivate children in their learning process.


    • Comprehensive activities written based on the Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR) Semakan.
    • Content created based on the current assessment elements and skills in the latest learning standards.
    • Notes, videos, audio, practices, assessments and educational games in digital form that are fun and engaging.
    • Daily activities that will be assigned automatically according to the school learning schedule.
    • Encourages effective involvement of parents/guardians in children’s learning process.
    • Enables parents/guardians to produce and assign various activities to children and interact with them easily.
    • Clear and comprehensive achievement record.
    • Automatic recording of activities and assessments that have been completed.
    • Functions that enable parents/guardians to identify children’s weaknesses and take action to improve their performance progressively.
    • Online simulation game to enhance children’s creativity.
    • Rewards will be given to children upon the completion of the assigned activities.
    • A unique reward system that is coupled with an achievement card and a medal to motivate children to learn and to complete the assigned activities.


i-LEARN Ace Junior 365 (J-365)

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