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A product originating from Japan, the HYPER Pelvis Exercise Pillow is an effective tool to correct pelvic distortion and promote slimming effects of the body.

Developed by a Japanese acupuncture expert Toshiki Fukutsuji, the HYPER pillow is a cylindrical pillow used for stretching exercises targeting the lower back. Our day to day activities may result in poor posture which causes pelvic distortions that affect our health, dietary and metabolic rate. What is more, pelvic distortions are also found to be the root cause of lower back pains.

When the pelvis position is distorted, organs around the area will be shifted or lowered, therefore affecting their functionality and the body’s capacity to burn fats.

The HYPER Pelvis Exercise Pillow is designed to: :

  • Correct the body’s posture
  • Promote blood circulation and increase metabolic rate
  • Reduce excess body fat, in turn flattening the tummy and lowering body weight