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Introduction: Our Company And Our Products
About MindTech Education: Your Personalised Education Solutions Provider

MindTech Education is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sasbadi Holdings Berhad.

To communicate effectively with its users today, who are students, educators, and parents.

Provide a seamless retail experience in education.

Our Philosophy and The Industry: Exploring Opportunities and Entrepreneurship

a. Creating meaningful connections through products
b. Creating meaningful experiences through services
c. Delivering a unique value instead of just making a sale

Our Business Model: Why Should You Consider To Be A Part Of MindTech Education?

a. It is a proven business model and expected to contribute 20 Billion Ringgit to Malaysia’s economy in 2020
b. It provides time flexibility as you may do it on a part-time basis
c. It is simple and possible to scale
d. It provides an opportunity to achieve financial freedom

About I-LEARN Ace: Your 21st Century Learning Platform

a. Communication
b. Collaboration
c. Critical thinking
d. Creativity
e. Values

a. National school students
b. Standard 1 to Standard 6 students
c. Form 1 to Form 5 students
d. Teachers
e. Parents

a. A hundred percent syllabus compliant and follows the latest policies by the Ministry of Education Malaysia
b. Has self-assessment feature for students to monitor their own learning journey
c. Has smart analysis and notifications system for parents or teachers to keep track of students’ progress
d. A fun, dynamic and healthy peer-to-peer learning platform

Closing: Join MindTech Education On Our Mission To Empower Lives Through Education

Malaysia was listed in the Top 10 leading direct selling markets worldwide and ranked 4th in Asia.

a. MindTech Education is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sasbadi, a leader in the publishing industry in Malaysia with over 30 years of experience.
b. MindTech Education is the only established brand in Direct Sales business providing a digital education product.
c. MindTech Education’s compensation plan long term and sustainable.