Sasbadi has been creating educational content and materials par excellence since 1985. We have been by the side of millions throughout their academic journey in school, and today these individuals are contributing to our society and the building of our nation. Our books and educational materials are trusted by students, teachers and parents from one generation to the next, and their trust propels us to strive even harder to give only our very best. We continuously evolve to meet the changing requirements of the market. Today, we are at the forefront of technological innovations to create solutions that facilitate teaching and learning in the 21st century. We develop technologies that are powerful and yet user-friendly so that teachers and learners may engage in interactive and fun lessons by leveraging on information and communications technology (“ICT”)-related innovations. We provide educational games, mobile applications and cloud-based platforms that are well-suited for self-paced learning as well as the future classrooms.

We staunchly believe that learning extends far beyond the classroom; it continues to build an individual throughout the journey of their life and must never end. As such, promoting reading as a popular lifestyle among our future generations is an important mission for us. Sasbadi publishes a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, illustrated storybooks, educational comics, encyclopaedias, and more recently, technologically integrated titles such as our Augmented Reality series. We are determined to grow our lifelong learning sector where the love for reading is kept alive and manifested among our society. As a total education solutions provider, we strive not only to keep providing for the current education needs, but more importantly to continuously upgrade ourselves so we can cater to the ever evolving needs of the 21st century education.

  The 21st century demands for education transformation to mould critical skill sets in our future human capital. They will be required to possess exceptional skills in problem solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, innovation and creativity to meet the challenges ahead. In 2005, Sasbadi introduced a range of dynamic learning tools to Malaysian students which promote these essential skills. We became partners of various international brands like LEGO Education, PITSCO Education and National Instruments to inject hands-on, fun and engaging experiences into their learning process. Together with the Ministry of Education, Sasbadi has been providing students with a platform to hone these skills and their passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education through the National Robotics Competition (“NRC”).

Education is a birth right. We are glad to be contributing towards fulfilling this noble aspiration since 1985, NURTURING STUDENTS FOR TOMORROW, TODAY!


MindTech was incorporated in June 2015 with its International headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company was founded from an aspiration to speak with students, teachers and parents; to communicate with them effectively and provide them with quality education in a manner driven by personal touch. Backed by a company with more than 30 years of experience in education, MindTech is sensitive to the intricate needs of our customers and ensures quality is always at the forefront of our priorities.


To create a seamless 21st century learning experience, cultivate entrepreneurial skills in young minds, and participate actively in the nation’s transformation towards a better future.


  • Adhere to Our Mission & Vision
  • Benefit Our Society and Develop Our Nation
  • Celebrate Difference and Innovation
  • Dare to Dream


  • Be the No. 1 Education Brand To be the undisputed choice for students, teachers and parents in the 21st century by harnessing the prowess of ICT to inspire learning minds and impact Malaysia’s education landscape.
  • Be a Dynamic Marketing Platform To continuously evolve by utilizing our strong networks to accurately determine and provide for the changing needs and wants of the market.
  • Provide Sustainable Growth To cultivate the spirit of lifelong learning and facilitate our members in their continuous journey of personal growth as a means to achieve sustainable success.