i-LEARN Ace is a fully integrated digital learning platform consisting content based on the Malaysian National School Curriculum. This multi-featured platform is created to provide a learning experience that is customizable, interactive, engaging and mobile for students, teachers and parents alike.

The platform seamlessly combines all the important aspects of a student’ revision process, enabling students to read up on topics, do practices, create notes and mindmaps, interact with peers and teachers, and so much more; all in one place.

i-LEARN Ace also comes with a free mobile app which allows users to access its features on-the-go even when offline – truly making it a Mobile (M)-Learning platform.


  • 100% based  on the latest KSSR / KSSM formats
  • Wide range of subjects available
  • Includes i-Think, HOTS and PBS concepts
  • Model Test Papers for UPSR, PT3 and SPM
  • Online and Offline mode (M-Learning experience)
  • Students, teachers and parents connected on 1 platform


  • Notes (100,000 pages of comprehensive notes)
    • Academic facts that are comprehensive and detailed
    • Search and access functions
    • Syllabus and Textbook based topics
    • Quick tests to enhance memory
    • Sticky notes function for inserting clip videos, animations, photos and personal notes
  • Mind Map (personalized mind maps with customizable shapes and colors)
    • Customizable mind maps with text, shapes and colors
    • Supports various file formats such as images, audio, video and animation
    • Easy and efficient solution to facilitate studies
    • Sharing function for i-LEARN Ace friends
  • Assessment (200,000 questions according to examination standards)
    • Complete self-assessment system which includes practice, Pentaksiran Sekolah (PS), oral test with audio recording, test paper
    • Questions based on latest learning standard, topics and fulfil the examination standards
    • Answers generated automatically
    • Improves techniques in answering questions and gives focused preparation for exams
  • Progress (Clear and comprehensive performance reports)
    • Reports on performance that are clear and comprehensive
    • Record of all past reports automatically
    • Filter that shows reports based on date and time
    • Teachers and parents can identify student’s weak areas and progressively increasing student’s Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Rewards (Game reward system to motivate study)
    • Online simulation games to develop student’s creativity
    • Rewards system motivates students to learn and practice
    • Games tokens will be awarded to students when they have completed the practices given
  • Dictionary (Latest and up-to-date online dictionary)
    • Up-to-date online dictionary
    • Approx. 15 000 entries for Malay – English
    • Approx. 35 000 entries for English – Malay
    • Up-to-date Chinese Dictionary
    • Approx. 75,000 Chinese words, phrases, and idioms
    • Provides phonetic transcription and definitions
  • Videos Lesson (Video lessons conducted by subject matter experts)
    • Video lessons conducted by experts in respective subjects
    • Effective methods to answer popular exam questions
    • Available for particular packages only
  • Mobile Application (Enable access in Offline mode)
    • Offline & Online Access to practices
    • Synchronizes and update results and records to user account when internet data is available
  • Assignment (Enables teachers to send customised assignments)
    • Customisable assignments can be sent to students at anytime, anywhere
    • Strengths and weaknesses of each class can be identified through detailed reports and records


i-LEARN Ace Student 180 (S-180)

★★★★★  |  MT0002

Retail Price            : RM 193.00
Member Price        : RM 175.00
Redemption Point  : 175
Bonus Value (BV)  : 140

i-LEARN Ace Student 365 (S-365)

★★★★★  |  MT0001

Retail Price            : RM 385.00
Member Price        : RM 350.00
Redemption Point  : 350
Bonus Value (BV)  : 280

i-LEARN Ace Teacher 365 (T-365)

★★★★★  |  MT0003

Retail Price            : RM 385.00
Member Price        : RM 350.00
Redemption Point  : 350
Bonus Value (BV)   : 280