At MindTech Education, we want to inspire as many people as possible with extraordinary technologies to aid the nation’s education transformation. Every day we are welcoming new members who will each take us a step closer to achieving this noble aspiration. Together, we will grow from strength to strength by mentoring for strong community spirit, entrepreneurial skills and sustainable success. Being a MindTech Independent Distributor gives you the unique opportunity of not only owning a successful business, but also paving the way to our children’s bright future in the 21st century.

Join a dream team that offers you:

  • Strong business structure
  • Inspiring sense of community
  • Cutting edge educational products


“Hard work pays off” and MindTech understands how important it is to reward you for yours. Whether it is from selling products or growing your sponsored Distributors in their sales and business, MindTech rewards you with various incomes, incentives and recognitions.

  • Monthly sales bonus of up to 30%, based on your own sales and the sales of your personally sponsored and upgraded distributors.
  • Monthly team bonus ranging from 5% to 20% based on the rankings of your sponsored members.
  • Development bonus up to 35%.
  • Quarterly bonus for Directors of up to 5% of company sales in BV.
  • Other cash, trips, and recognition incentives.


Products under MindTech are from a household brand that has been creating educational content par excellence since 1985. Sasbadi is at the side of millions through their academic journey, trusted by students, teachers, and parents from one generation to the next. Our flagship product, i-LEARN Ace, and other technological innovations cater for 21st century teaching and learning. With MindTech’s exceptional product line and network marketing module, you can address every family’s unique needs, and personally be a part of Malaysia’s educational transformation.



Starting your business with MindTech is easy and fuss free. Our team of trainers and mentors are ever available, and most importantly, invested in guiding you to sustainable success. We conduct frequent product trainings and mentoring programmes which aim to mold your business and entrepreneurial skills. We will be there every step of the way, supporting your individual goals by giving you the resources you need for a successful journey with MindTech Education.